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What is Content Management System (CMS) and how does it works

What is Content Management System and how it Works

What is Content Management System (CMS)?

Content Management system (CMS) is the software which controls and helps the user to manage digital content such as Data Base (your website Data), Website, Network and so on. CMS is used for publishing posts directly without the knowledge of any Languages

Here is a Common Question

Does every website use CMS?

The answer is NO, every website doesn’t have a Content Management System. Those sites who do not have a CMS they usually use the combination of languages like PHP, HTML and for the database they use SQL.

Again, A Content Management System is a web-based application or software that helps the user in publishing the post in web pages without the knowledge of Computer languages.

The biggest example of CMS is WordPress.ORG. As we all know that WordPress is a widely used web-based application. A WordPress is also a CMS which helps the user to easily control its data and publish their blog posts easily on webpages.

The other popular Example of CMS is It is the CMS developed by Google for Bloggers.

So, this is called A Content Management (CMS) Website

How Content Management System (CMS) Works

I hope that you have understood the meaning of CMS but how it works.

CMS is also the combinations of different languages developed by developers for their clients or for the user as public-based software. To use the CMS, you must have a theme that is compatible with the software. You can control all themes, Plugins in one place. You don’t need to download any software, you just have to log in through a browser. The best advantage of using CMS is you don’t have to code anything. Everything is done visually. The other best advantage of using CMS is that you can create as many users as want to your website and assign them different Roles.

Alternative to WordPress CMS

There top WordPress CMS alternatives. If you are facing issues using WordPress CMS software so these alternatives are for you

  2. Joomla
  3. Umbraco
  4. Drupal
  5. SilverStripe

Key Points of Content Management System

  • Software that controls digital content
  • Requires a theme to get started
  • CMS does not require programmers or any programming languages

Benefits of Content Management System

  • Only Visual Work
  • Allows you to create multiple users
  • Directly publish posts to web pages
  • Perfect for bloggers and for those who are not programmers
  • Easy to use and almost all CMS are free

If you have any question on What is Content Management System (CMS) just type in comments

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