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Top Social Media Platforms for SEO and for blog 2019

Top Social Media Platforms for SEO and for blog 2019 and how to drive traffic from them

Nowadays, Social Media has become so popular that every human in the world uses social media.

In the advantage, it can help bloggers to drive a massive amount of traffic through it and they are doing it and also you can too

I will tell you the best Social Media Websites that can help you grow your audience and rank higher in google or any search engines. You can also call that making a Backlink on WEB 2.0 Websites. By the way, social media Website are also called WEB 2.0 sites.

But the question awaits that which social media platform is best for SEO and for traffic on blog?

No worries I will tell you Top Social Media platforms for SEO and For Blog 2019.

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We all know that Facebook has become no.1 social media platform among users. It can also help bloggers to share knowledge with others and drive traffic through it.

Did you know?

FaceBook has 1.2 Billion active users per month and still on growing.

It is so popular because of its opportunities for users and as well as for Developers.

How to Drive traffic from Facebook to Website

You can drive traffic from Facebook to your Website by creating a page on FaceBook.

Visit this link to create a facebook page.

In the first facebook will ask you to which type of page do you want to create. If you have a product listing Website or have an affiliate marketing Website. You can go with the Business or Brand option and if you have a blog then you should go with the Community or Public Figure option and click on get started. Name your page and the category. I suggest you name the page according to your domain and set the category according to your Website niche. After doing this your page will be created and add the Website in about field and share your article to your Website. Share it by joining groups and your page will grow when you get followers to your page.

Easy Right…

This is why it includes in Top Social Media Platforms for SEO and for blog 2019.


Reddit is one of the best social media sites that also help you grow your audience. Reddit is the community of getting upvotes and downvotes and becoming famous.

Did you know

According to Wikipedia at the end of the march Reddit had received 542 Million visitors (234 million unique users)

How to drive traffic from Reddit to Website

Driving traffic through Reddit is a bit problem because Reddit does not allow you to create a page but only a user. It has subreddits on several topics. You can join these subreddits according to your Website niche. You can share links or articles on these subreddits and you can easily drive traffic from it. You can get traffic by receiving followers and upvotes by sharing unique articles to the subreddits.


Every Subreddits has its own rules. So first their terms and conditions before sharing content or URLs.


Pinterest is the social media network most popular among bloggers because it is the easiest and efficient way to get millions of traffic.

Did you know?

Pinterest is the best platform for affiliate marketers because 88% of pins get from Product, they purchase

How to Drive traffic from Pinterest to Website

As we all know that Pinterest is the biggest source of images that we can get almost every type of image and we can also save it by pinning. First, you have to create an account and have to choose topics to get started. You can get followers to your Pinterest account by following others because others will automatically start following you when you follow them.

Some Benefits of Pinterest

  1. It helps you get more traffic to your Website
  2. You can get email subscribers through Pinterest
  3. Helps you to increase your authority of Website

You can start getting traffic from Pinterest by adding your Website in about settings and when you have enough followers.

For Example

If you have almost 10K followers you can get 50k+ monthly views to your Website


Twitter is also a well-known social media Website where people start topics and share their thoughts by tweeting. Twitter is similar to Pinterest in case of the following. Both have the same ways to get followers. As I mentioned in above that when you start following others. They will automatically start following you too.

Did you know?

Some Benefits of Twitter

  1. Boost your website SEO
  2. target latest trends
  3. Convert your followers to traffic

How to Drive traffic from Twitter to Website

Getting traffic from twitter is the same as Pinterest. First, create an account then edit bio and add a website in settings, that will show when anyone visits your profile. When you have enough followers, the traffic will automatically be generated according to followers


Tumblr is the different social media platform than other 4 above. this social media is the best for generating traffic. You can say that Tumblr is the place for bloggers where they share thoughts with writing.

Benefits of Tumblr

  1. Tumblr is perfect for Business
  2. The perfect way to share links and create backlinks

How to drive traffic from Tumblr to website

At first, you have to sign up for Tumblr and complete its all formalities. After doing this Tumblr will create an untitled Blog for you where you can start writing. You can drive traffic in Tumblr by sharing articles or links to groups and by getting followers. The best advantage of using Tumblr is that you can re-blog someone post to your profile.


You can use all of them at once. There is no disadvantage but you have to work hard one time and after this just look at your traffic growth

If you have any thoughts or any problem on Top Social Media Platforms for SEO and for blog 2019 just type in comments

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