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Top AD Networks for Publishers 2019 AdSense Alternatives

Top best AD Networks for Publishers 2019 AdSense Alternative

In this Article I will discuss about Top ad Networks for publishers and as well as AdSense alternatives. This article is for those who are new to AdSense and for also those who got disabled by AdSense due to invalid activity or something else but first let me tell you what is Ad network

What is AD Network

Basically, AD network is the company or organization which pay website owners or publishers when they show their ads to users who visits publisher’s website. Every ad network has the different style of ads like CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Impression), Popups (Pop Under Ads), CPS (Cost Per Subscription) and so on. So, lets Dig in and talk about Top best AD Networks for Publishers 2019 AdSense Alternative.

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If you are new to AdSense and thinking about applying so this is for you but if you have got disabled by AdSense and looking for its alternate you can skip this. AdSense is a world no.1 AD Network Developed by Google. AdSense use CPC based System to pay their publishers. AdSense will pay you when the user clicks the ad that you will place on your website and you got payed according to your targeted Keyword. Higher CPC targeted Keywords give you Higher Revenue. This is why this is called Top best ad networks for publishers 2019.


PropellerAds is one of the Top CPM based AD network and Top AdSense alternative. PropellerAds uses CPM, Popups and CPS Based system to pay their publishers. CPM don’t depend on Keywords, it depends upon traffic. The higher the traffic the higher revenue you will get. For example, you have 1000 per day views according to my opinion you will 1 to 2 dollars per day and it can be higher also. There is also an official Plugin of PropellerAds for WordPress users. But in CPS based system you will get payed when user subscribe through your Website.


If you don’t want to use popups ad network then Media.NET will perfectly suits you. Media.Net is the Top AdSense alternate because it also uses CPC based system. Media.NET is developed by MicroSoft and Bing ads. It also gives revenue when user clicks on the ad running on your website and you will get paid on per click. This is why this is called Top best ad networks for publishers 2019 and best AdSense Alternative.



Infolinks is very popular for its intext ads. It uses CPM and CPC based system. Infolinks pay less in CPM and pay high in CPC based views. Infolinks also has its official Plugin for WordPress users.


Using InfoLinks will make your website slower because of its JavaScript Code. Installing its plugin can crash your WordPress Dashboard. So, I suggest you to use it carefully.


So here comes another popup network. PopAds uses popup-based system. Sometimes its ads irritate users because of adult content but you can change it in settings and can change that what type of ads do you want to show users. PopAds will pay you according to popups per day.


3 or more popups can decrease your site rankings and can create disturbed environment for user. So, use PopAds carefully


You can use these Ad Networks with Google AdSense and these sites except PopAds are all AdSense friendly. Using them in one website can make your revenue high but it can also make your site slower and can create irresponsible environment. So, the recommendation is no but if you optimize your site completely and thinks that you can use both of them so the decision is up to you.

If you have any question on Top best ad networks for publishers 2019 AdSense Alternative you can type in comments.


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