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How to start a Blog – Complete Guide for Beginners 2019

How to start a Blog and start Making Money

If you are searching for how to start a blog. If you are a beginner and want to make some money but don’t know where to start. Then you have come to Right place I will guide you step by step that how you can start your blog for free and start making money from it.

You will need the following things to start a Blog

  1. A Domain Name for your Blog or you can also get free sub-domain
  2. A Blogging Platform or you can get your own hosting
  3. Of course, your interest and Will power
  4. Your Niche or Passion in what are you interested in.
  5. Picking Up Beautiful Themes and designs

What is Domain

A Domain is a name which represents your site, for example, is the domain for the Google is the domain for YouTube. A domain is important so that the user can reach easily to your website by typing letters other than an IP address. A domain is also used to overwrite the IP Address. There are many Companies that provide your desired domain names for your website

What is Hosting

Hosting is the storage where the site files are stored. There are many types of hosting like Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting Reseller Hosting. Hosting is the main Component of the site without hosting you cannot run a website. There are many Companies that Provide affordable hosting for your site.

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Best Blogging Platforms to start a Blog

Many People thinks that nowadays is this possible to publish a website for free the answers is yes you can. There are more than 10 Best Blogging platforms that help you start your blog and I will guide you on how to start a blog from WordPress,, and WIX.COM. Starting a Blog form these platforms is so easy you just have to sign up and get started.


WordPress is one of the best paid and also provide free Blogging Platform where you can start a blog.

Do You Know?

WordPress is already hosting in 172 Million Websites on the internet (75,000,000) and still on growing.

WordPress also provides you free domain and free hosting for storage.  WordPress also provide best and free themes for your start.

I will give you the full details of WordPress so that you can learn how to start a Blog and earn money from WordPress.

There are two websites of WordPress. One is which is the self-hosting platform and Second is which is for free Users

Difference Between and

  1. Free of Cost
  2. Will give you a free subdomain like ( you can add a custom domain
  3. You cannot earn through and you will have to pay to remove WordPress ads
  4. No plugins for website
  5. Comes with Limited Storage
  6. Small Technical Support

  1. Need Custom Domain and Hosting
  2. You can customize your Database and files easily
  3. You can earn by running ads on your Website
  4. Unlimited Plugins
  5. Fully Theme Customizable
  6. SEO Friendly and Customizable


Blogger is the free Blogging Platform by Google. Blogger is an alternative to WordPress. Blogger provides a free sub-domain and you can also add your custom domain. Blogger also allows you to earn by AdSense which is the ad network for publishers by Google. You can apply for AdSense is your site has enough content. Blogger also provides you the Beautiful and free themes and Templates which helps you to make your site attractive.

I will give you the full details of Blogger so that you can learn how to start a Blog and earn money from Blogger.

Key Points of Blogger

  1. Provide you the free Sub-domain (
  2. You can change Sub-domain by buying a custom domain name
  3. You also can earn through AdSense if you have a sub-domain


WIX.COM is one of the best and growing platforms for bloggers. It also provides services similar to WordPress and Blogger. It will give you a free domain, a free hosting and a lot of free templates. You can also earn money through free WIX website by adding affiliate links and also with ads and the best alternative to WordPress and Bloggers.

Key Points of WIX.COM

  1. Free of Cost
  2. Money Can be Earned by Running ads on websites or adding affiliate links
  3. Lots of free templates

Make Custom Pages

Pages are the main part of your Website. The User will get Attracted when he sees the pages like Privacy Policy, About US, Contact US and etc. In Privacy Policy, you will tell the user that what you will collect from the user and about user awareness, In Contact Us you will write about how to reach you. In About Us, you will tell the user who are you and what is your passion.

How to Earn Money through Website

There are many ad networks like Google AdSenseMedia.netPropeller Ads etc that provide ads and offers publishers to run these ads to your website and start making money by different methods Like CPM, CPC, Popups etc. Every AD network has its own requirements, you will have to fulfill them to start earning.

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Your Unique Content

Your Unique Content is the key to success in search engines and to get lots of traffic. A unique content must be

  1. Search Engine Friendly
  2. User-Friendly
  3. Comprehensible Language
  4. With no Grammar’s mistake

All Done Now you can start your Blog for free and can make money. If you have any issue about how to start a blog. You can type in comments

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