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How to Speed Up windows 10 Computer

How to Speed Up Windows 10 Computer – increase computer speed

Windows 10 is the operating system from Microsoft. Windows 10 is the fastest windows from other windows but its features can make your computer slow and create a disturbing environment which can force you to break your computer. To save your computer by you lets see How to Speed Up Windows 10 Computer Tips and tricks.

How to Speed up Windows 10

Speeding up Windows 10 can make your RAM free and can increase your performance. Follow the steps which are given below

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1. Removing Unnecessary Files

Removing unnecessary files from the computer will free a lot of RAM as well will increase your storage. First press Win+R (Windows button+R). A run command will pop up. Simply search %Temp% and click ok. delete all the files by pressing CTRL+A as shown in the screenshots below


After doing this again press WIN+R (Windows button+R) and search prefetch. Also, delete all files from this too as shown in screenshots

again, Press Win+R (Windows button+R) and now search Temp in the Run and click ok and also delete all the files from this too. See the screenshots below

You have just completed one step of How to Speed Up Windows 10 Computer

2. Uninstall Unnecessary Software

Uninstalling Unwanted software can increase your RAM Memory speed and also can increase your storage. Open your Control Panel by searching in the Windows 10 search bar

and open Uninstall Programs and search for Software that you no longer required.

Now Delete all unwanted software which is no use for you as shown in screenshots

if there is no such software just exit from Control Panel and follow other steps of How to Speed Up Windows 10 Computer

3. Disabling Unwanted Programs

Uninstalling unwanted software will not affect RAM but increases your storage memory. The unwanted software means that which software you don’t need. Now open your Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+ESC and go to Startup.

In Startup, you will find the programs that are eating RAM. Disable the programs that you don’t need.

4. Disable Windows 10 Features

Everyone knows that Windows 10 comes with lots of features. Some of the features are not necessary so disabling them will not affect Windows functions. However, it will increase the performance of the CPU. again, open Win+R (Windows button+R) and search msconfig and click on OK.

It will open System Configuration. In System Configuration go to services and check the box which says “hide all Microsoft services”. After hiding them you will see the list of running programs other than Microsoft services. Just remove all the programs and disable them that you don’t need.

You have completed 4 steps of How to Speed Up Windows 10 Computer

5. Disable Windows 10 Update

This is the most common question that how to disable Windows 10 Update. But an advantage, it can boost your computer So, let’s see How to disable Windows 10 update. There are two methods of doing that

1. Disable Windows 10 update in settings

To disable Windows 10 update in settings first click on the HOME button and click on the settings icon. In Settings go to Update and Security and got Advanced settings and click on pause updates.


This method will disable Windows 10 update only for 30 Days. If you want to disable it permanently so, the second method is there for you.

2. Disable Windows 10 Update in services

First, open RUN command by pressing Win+R and search services.msc. A tab will pop up.  In services search for “Windows Update” and right-click on that option and click on Properties and set the startup option from manual to disable


Disabling Windows 10 update with the second method will also stop the Microsoft services for Windows 10 Update and also can corrupt Microsoft store.

Video Tutorial

Other Recommendations

If your computer is still slow after completing these steps. Then try upgrading your RAM and CPU and break your old computer.

If you have any question on How to Speed Up Windows 10 Computer you can type in comments.

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