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How to install WordPress on Cpanel – Complete Guide for Beginners

How to install WordPress in cPanel – Complete Step by Step Guide for beginners

You have bought a domain and hosting and now finding How to install WordPress in cPanel.

So, the first thing is what is cPanel and what is the role of it.

What is cPanel?

cPanel Is the control panel that controls and let User manage your website and its data. Almost every hosting provides cPanel except in Cloud hosting. The big example of cPanel is the Control Panel in the computer which also let the user add, delete and control the programs. cPanel includes many things like file manager, Application installer, Bandwidth, FTP accounts, Email Accounts, Sub-Domains. There many hosting providers that sell hosting.

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How to install WordPress in cPanel

Look, there are two methods of installing WordPress in cPanel. First is installing through application installer you can also say that it the one-click installer WordPress

How to install WordPress through application installer

Installing WordPress with one-click installer or application is too easy.

Just follow the steps below

First login to your cPanel and scroll down and find Softaculous App Installer you can find it in the software category.

how to install wordpress in cpanel

Click on Softaculous App Installer and find WordPress. When WordPress opens a form will load. You will have to write the details of your website and select the theme. Set the username and password you want to. When you have done completing form simply click on install the further process is automatic. A Screen Shot help is given below.

how to install wordpress in cpanel

how to install wordpress in cpanel


Installing WordPress with application installer is easy but there is a bit lack of security because the database is automatically created and its user and password too generated by the application installer. to not to take that risk just see the installation of WordPress manually.

How to install WordPress Manually

Installing WordPress manually is a bit more work than installing automatically.

Uploading WordPress

First, you have to download WordPress from WordPress.ORG click this link to go to download page and download the file. When it’s done downloading you have to upload it in the root folder means in Public_html folder. You file to find the Public_html in the file manager. Got Public_html and select upload in the top bar. Click on the select file then find and select the and click open. The zip file will start uploading in the cPanel in the root folder. Once it’s done upload back to the public_html folder and unzip the file. After unzipping a folder will appear named WordPress move all files from WordPress and paste it to the root folder. As shown in the Screenshots below.

how to install wordpress in cpanel how to install wordpress in cpanel how to install wordpress in cpanel how to install wordpress in cpanel how to install wordpress in cpanel how to install wordpress in cpanel how to install wordpress in cpanel

You have just completed one step of How to install WordPress in cPanel

Creating Database and user

What is Database?

According to Wikipedia, A database is an organized collection of data, generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. Where databases are more complex, they are often developed using formal design and modeling techniques.

To create a database, go to MySQL Database in DATABASES category. Name the database which you want to create then create a user and password by scrolling down to MySQL Users. Then click on create a user. When user and database are created then add a user to a database see the screenshot below

If you are the administrator of the website then checkbox on All PRIVILEGES and if don’t then give your member-specific options.

That’s all Database has been created now its time to install WordPress.

Installing WordPress

If you have done all the steps above then you are ready to install WordPress in cPanel. To install WordPress simply type and you will see WordPress setup configuration and WordPress will ask you to choose your language. In my case, I will choose English and click on continue

how to install wordpress in cpanel

The WordPress will welcome you and tell you what you need to get started and to install WordPress

  • Database name
  • Database username
  • Database password
  • Database host (doesn’t need this)

And click on let go. A form will appear and ask you the information about your database name, database username, and database username password and about your host (set as localhost) and table prefix (don’t change). When you are done click on submit.

how to install wordpress in cpanel

When every information matches the form will appear that ask you about your site. Which is your site title, site username, WordPress admin password, and email.

how to install wordpress in cpanel


There is an option of Discourage Search Engine. If your site is ready to get published on search engine then uncheck the box but you are practicing and learning check the box.

That’s all folks welcome to your WordPress dashboard.

If you have any problem and any question on How to install WordPress in cPanel simply type in comments.

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