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how to buy domain and hosting to start your own website

how to buy domain and hosting to start your own website or Blog


You don’t know how to buy domain and hosting from safe hands at affordable rate. You have come to the right place. I will give you step by step guide that how you can buy domain and hosting at cheap rate. Just

There are hundreds of countries that provide domain and hosting and most user confused where to buy. I will tell you the best and international hosting companies and how to buy domain and hosting from them

In my previous article I have told about what is hosting and domain and also explained that how you can start your blog click here to Find out. I will again Explain here that what is Domain and Hosting

What is Domain

A Domain is a name which represents your site, for example, is the domain for the Google is the domain for YouTube. A domain is important so that the user can reach easily to your website by typing letters other than an IP address. A domain is also used to overwrite the IP Address. There are many Companies that provide your desired domain names for your website

What is Hosting

Hosting is the storage where the site files are stored. There are many types of hosting like Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting Reseller Hosting. Hosting is the main Component of the site without hosting you cannot run a website. There are many Companies that Provide affordable hosting for your site.

Best Domain and Hosting Provider Comparison


  Companies    Hosting Speed Score Live Support    Domain     Uptime



Starting form        5.49$/m





For new users only   1$/y 



Starting form 2.75$/m










Starting from 15.44$/y










Starting from 2.95$/m











Now you have seen the comparison between international best domain and hosting provider companies. Now you can decide which is most suitable for you. Now it is time to buy the domain and hosting. I will use for buying Domain and Hosting.

How to Buy Domain and Hosting

First Search on Google 1$ domain GoDaddy and hit search. Click on the First ad of GoDaddy as shown below

Now search your Desired Domain name in the GoDaddy Search Bar and hit search as shown in Screen Shot

In this case my Domain is available if your domain is not available you can try searching it with different name. Now click on add to cart and continue to cart as shown in Screen Shots

When you click on add to cart the GoDaddy will redirect you to their buy domain section. There are options like privacy protection, start your website for free and hosting. If you want to buy hosting from GoDaddy then click on add hosting but if you do not want to buy from them in circle no thanks. When you are done hit on Continue to Cart. Now you have to signup for GoDaddy Account. Click on SignUp to create account as show in Screen Shots

Now you will get Redirected to the buy domain Panel again when you complete your signup. You have to just complete the following information

  1. Your credit Card Information
  2. Your Number
  3. Your Country
  4. Your Address and Postal Code

All Done Now you have your own Domain Name and Hosting. If you have any issue for How to Buy Domain and Hosting Just type Comments.

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